Smart city solutions

NBIoT devices for transportation, tracking, logistics, buildings, parking, agriculture, public lights

Smart meters

NBIoT smart sensors for utilities: start changing your thougt: turn unkown network to online, real-time digital network

Smart batteries

Smart battery management system with latest lithium technologies for e-transportation, cars, boats

Internet of Things became reality from fiction. There are multiple successful and economical IoT solutions in the market even today, and their number dramatically increases by the evolution of the technology. By the forecast of the International Energy Agency (IEA) the connected IoT devices reach 14 billion units until 2020, which will have a great impact considering the 3.2 billion internet users today. There are 4 enablers of this growth:

  • coverage
  • battery life
  • the cost of equipment
  • the number of devices that can be installed in a cell

which is mainly based on the birth of NB IoT technology. The Narrow Band IoT (NBIoT) GSM is a mobile radio technology, extending the current GSM network to be able to handle up to 100.000 sensitive units in one GSM cell. NBIoT GSM has several advantages compared to other technologies (Lora, eMTC, SigFox): it is based on a world wide existing network and it has better signal and provides better battery life. Due to the better sensitivity the connected NBIoT units can be operated up to 20 years with a single common battery. As there is no need of high speed connectivity, SMS, voice transmission, not only the device price but the deployment and operative expenses can be minimized.

We have developed some smart city solutions which all based on our NBIoT platform using latest NBIoT technology:

  • Smart bin solution to turn waste managment into consumption based service
  • Smart streetlight solution to control, dim, manage LED streetlights
  • Smart parking to utilize city parking places more efficiently
  • Smart water sensors to detect unwanted leakage and save property