With AELETIS tracking devices hundreds of millions of new pallet/trailers/wagons, any assets can be attached the IoT network, therefore their real-time tracking will be available. With our cheap, small size 10+ years of operation life trackers, logistics and transportation can be transformed to more reliable industry, securing the transportation of our society’s goods, highly reducing losses, thefts, insurance, issue management, investment and operation cost.


  • Operates for years without any maintenance
  • Operates indoor/outdoor and accurate
  • Cheap enough to be used in an entire fleet (thousands or millions of pallet) giving value for money
  • Small enough to be placed in e.g. an EUR pallet, tree trunk, car wheel, cooled drug box or a pet collar
  • Gives real time monitoring
  • Cannot be jammed – “I would like to trust”, therefore it can fit to other industry segments (like food chain tracking with blockchain technology)