Based on our NBIoT platform we have developed a low voltage electrical grid monitoring system. The main advantage of the monitoring system is that the sensors immediately alarm the IoT backend systems in case of failures, disconnections, phase problems, voltage fluctuations.

The sensors can be easily attached to 1 or 3 phase networks without braking the grid or stopping the service. Different versions of the sensors can measure voltage and also current. For further analysis, predictions, tracking, statements, non-planned changes the sensors are equipped with different environment sensors, such as temperature, humidity, blast, movement sensor. These collected data are sent to a backend Big Data IoT platform and communicate over managed, secure NBIoT network where only a digital or physical SIM card is needed. The installation of the sensors is very easy, after deployment they are working seamlessly and autonomously with over the air firmware and parameter upgrade possibility.

Due to the NBIoT network and Akkucomp low voltage grid monitoring system, the overall low voltage offline electricity grid can be transformed to an online, real-time monitored system: losses, errors, damages, consumption and voltage data are available instantly which makes preparation and troubleshooting easier, saving and enable better planning of OPEX/ CAPEX

  • ‣  Very sensitiv NBIoT technology
  • ‣  Cheap and cost-efficient operation
  • ‣  Backend infrastructure (smart phone apps,admin page)
  • ‣  Built-in battery enables years of operationwithout electricity
  • ‣  Online upgradeable firmware and paramters
  • ‣  IP68 casing
  • ‣  -40~85°C operating range